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Justin Trudeau becomes latest world leader to brave Trump's 'awkward' handshake
The high-stakes handshake: Justin Trudeau meets Donald Trump at the White House
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has arrived at the White House for his first face-to-face meeting with U.S. President Donald Trump.
Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau became the the third world leader to visit President Donald Trump on Monday.

Mr Trudeau and Mr Trump were scheduled to attend a roundtable discussion about the advancement of women in business, a working lunch, and a joint press conference - but, for many observers, the highlight of the visit was to be the moment the two leaders shook hands.

Mr Trump's concertedly 'alpha' body language has come in for much scrutiny in recent weeks, and president-watchers were keen to see if there would be a repeat performance of his excruciating 19 second handshake with Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe:
In the event Mr Trudeau got off comparatively lightly, with a perfunctory shake lasting just a few seconds, and none of Mr Trump's trademark tugging.

However, it was a slightly different story at their first meeting earlier in the day when, according to some students of body-language, Mr Trudeau appeared to deliberaterly "cut off Trump's leverage" to deter any strong-arming one-upmanship.